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Talking About Staying At Resorts

Runaway Bride -- 5 Ways A Destination Wedding Can Save Your Big Day

by Rene Castillo

While a big wedding following months of careful planning and a lot of checks being written is what many brides dream of, it's not every couple's cup of tea. If the idea of inviting 300 of your closest friends and relatives to a giant party you pay for doesn't fill you with glee, you're not alone. And, you may find a simple solution in an age-old tradition: running away to get married. For today's bridal couple, though, "running away" often means a chic destination wedding that solves many common wedding dilemmas. Here are a few ways that a destination wedding can de-stress your wedding, too.

It's Cost-Effective. While the initial package price of many destination wedding venues might initially seem high, it behooves you to do the math and compare it to planning a regular wedding. Between costs like the venue, catering, decorations, flowers, rentals, a band, photographers, and transportation, you may find that it's actually less expensive to travel somewhere, stay in a great hotel or restort, and hold a more intimate wedding. When you factor in the built-in honeymoon of a destination wedding, it gets even more cost-effective.

No Family Drama. If you have a large family (or two or three) that have their own ideas about your wedding, a destination wedding can prevent a lot of family stress. How? In addition to having fewer extended family attending the wedding, you may also find that a neutral location and prepared venue packages help avoid arguments over personal opinions.

It's Personalized. The destination and venue you choose can help to give your wedding a more intimate and individualized feeling. Because of the more unique location and venue, it's often easier to create a wedding that reflects you as a couple. And since destination venues take advantage of their exotic locations they often provide a stunning backdrop for the ceremony and any photo shoots.

Less Planning. Many hotels, resorts, and cruise companies now cater to bridal couples looking to get hitched. For this reason, you can often find package deals that include all the necessary components of the wedding weekend -- including the venue, photographs, video recordings, a minister, rooming for all, and transport. All you often have to do is get a dress and show up on time. What could be easier?

Spend Time with Loved Ones. Rather than spend your wedding weekend planning details for an elaborate reception or going over last minute checklists, you can actually spend time with those loved ones who have come along for the ride... usually at the same hotel or enjoying a cruise ship. And your loved ones get a fun vacation out of the deal as well. It's a win-win for all. 

If you're looking for a wedding that you can enjoy more and stress about less, a destination wedding can be just what the doctor ordered. Then, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day. For more information, contact establishments like The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel.