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Talking About Staying At Resorts

RV Resort Etiquette Tips For New Travelers

by Rene Castillo

Traveling in a recreational vehicle is a great way to see the country. However, if you are new to staying in RV resorts then you are likely wondering what the inside scoop is on park etiquette rules. 

The good news is RV resort etiquette basically boils down to being courteous of other travelers and respectful of their privacy. To be more specific, here are some tips to help you travel like a pro:

Tip: Avoid Using Pull-Thru RV Sites if Your RV Doesn't Require One

RVs come in a variety of different lengths and sizes. Larger RVs not only need more space to park, but they are also hard to back up.

To make things a lot easier for the drivers of oversized RVs, resorts often have what is referred to as "pull-thru sites". The site will have access from both sides so backing up is never necessary.

If you are traveling in a smaller RV, then leave the pull-thru sites for travelers whose RVs require them. This is expected and is one of the main unspoken rules of RV resort travel.

Tip: Keep Your Site Clean and Organized

While it is considered rude for others to walk through your RV site, it is always good etiquette to keep it clean and tidy just in case. The last thing you want is for someone to trip over your child's bicycle or a kayak.

Additionally, other travelers can see into your site and it makes for a nicer resort atmosphere if everyone puts some effort into basic cleanliness.

Tip: Leave Your Site Better Than You Found It

When your stay at the RV resort is over and it's time for you to get back on the road, then honor the nature code and leave behind your spot better than when you found it.

For example, if someone else left behind some trash, then dispose of it. If there's a fire pit, leave behind a few sticks of firewood for the next visitors.

Tip: Strictly Adhere to Posted Quiet Hours

Finally, when you pull into an RV resort take note of the resort's posted quiet hours.

Since sound travels within RV resorts, it is vital you observe the quiet hours so other visitors can get some rest. If you know one aspect of park etiquette, then this is it!

During quiet periods, it is expected you will:

  • keep your children quiet and inside when possible
  • keep your pets quiet and inside when possible
  • not run a generator
  • stay off your motorcycle or ATV
  • turn off bright exterior lights

Just as you've paid a fee to stay at the RV resort, so too has everyone else. Observing quiet hours allows all travelers to enjoy their vacation and get the rest they desire. For more information on RV resort etiquette, contact a company near you.