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Talking About Staying At Resorts

What Types Of Fees May You Be Charged When Booking A Hotel?

by Rene Castillo

When you are looking for lodging for an upcoming vacation or business trip, you will have many different hotels to select from. One of the factors that you may use to help you determine what accommodations are right is the price of the hotel. However, what you may not realize is that it is common for hotels to charge additional fees beyond your nightly rate and taxes. Here are a few of the additional fees you may run into when checking in to a hotel you booked. 

Resort Fees

Resort fees are meant to cover all of the amenities that a hotel may offer you. This includes items such as the pool, a work-out room, free evening drinks, a morning newspaper, and Internet access. Some resorts charge a minimal fee and may waive some or all of the fee if you do not want to use any of these amenities. Other fees require you to pay the full resort fee per night regardless of whether you plan on using the amenities or not. 

Parking Fees

While some hotels offer free parking, others charge a nightly parking fee. It is more common for hotels in places where parking may be limited, such as San Francisco or New York, to charge high parking fees. Fees in big cities can top out at $40 per night, which can add up quickly, so always find out whether parking is included in your stay. Additionally, if you are staying near an airport to catch an early morning flight, some hotels offer a stay-and-fly parking package where parking may be comparable or cheaper than parking at the hotel, so consider this option as well. 

Early or Late Check-in Fees

In some cases, you may arrive to a hotel earlier than check-in time or want to stay in the room a bit longer due to your plans that day. Many hotels will accommodate you for an added fee. If you know ahead of time that you may want to check in early or check out late, learn about the hotel's policies in regards to this. 

Reading recent online reviews can help you determine current rates for fees and what fees a hotel may charge. Additionally, you can book the hotel and ask them what fees they charge, how much those fees are and whether you can opt out of any fees. Taking the time to learn about the fees allows you to add the fees into your quoted nightly rate and determine the price you will be charged when you are selecting lodging.