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Talking About Staying At Resorts

Additional Fees You Need To Be Aware Of When Booking A Cabin Rental

by Rene Castillo

Vacation rentals are increasing in popularity. This is because being able to rent out an entire space, such as a condo or cabin, allows your family the ability to cook while on vacation and gives you space to spread out. If you are looking into renting a cabin for an upcoming vacation, it is important to understand that just like hotels, vacation rentals often have additional fees in addition to the nightly rate. Here are some of the additional fees that you need to be aware of and compare as you look to find a cabin rental for your upcoming vacation. 

Cleaning Fees

Many vacation rentals charge cleaning fees. If you want your unit cleaned during the duration of your stay, you can expect to pay additional cleaning fees. Otherwise, the cleaning fees help to cover the cost of a maid visiting the unit and changing sheets, washing towels, vacuuming the floors, and getting the unit ready for the next guest after you have stayed in the unit. 

Extra Person Fees 

Some vacation rentals will charge you extra person fees. The more people who are staying in a unit, the higher the costs will be for the owner. This is because the extra person will take extra showers and use more water and more towels will need to be washed. The extra person fees help to keep costs low for those with few people, while also helping to cover increased costs for an owner for large groups staying in their cabin. 

Early Check-In and Late Check-Out Fees

Not every cabin rental will allow early check-ins or late check-outs. But, those that do often charge an additional fee for these services. This is because they may need to pay a maid a rush fee to quickly clean the cabin if you want to check in early or if you want to check out late. It also compensates the owner for the extra electricity and water you may be using by remaining longer in the space. 

Service or Booking Fees

Finally, some cabin rental services will charge you a service fee or booking fee for using their service to book your vacation. Other companies pass this cost along to the cabin owner. Always be on the lookout for service or booking fees and be sure to include those in the final costs associated with renting a cabin. 

The fees that a cabin rental service or the owner themselves may charge vary from unit to unit. This is why it is so important that you take the time to compare the additional fees for one unit with the additional fees for another unit. Ultimately, this will help you compare the entire costs associated with your stay and find a cabin rental that fits within your budget.