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Hi there, I’m Mona. Welcome. I am excited to share my knowledge about resorts on this site. Resorts do not just provide a nice place for you to stay, but they also give you activities to complete on your own or with a group. You may visit a spa, go on a horseback ride or take a tour of the city while staying at the resort. I will use this site to explore all of the different activities you can enjoy while staying at resort on your vacation. Please come back daily to learn about the different resort types available today. Thank you.



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Talking About Staying At Resorts

Romantic Resorts And Vacation Ideas

by Rene Castillo

If you're in the mood for something romantic and you are also planning a vacation, then it would be a great idea to combine the two. There are many different vacation ideas that incorporate a romantic sensibility into the experience. 

Below you will find a list of three different romantic vacation ideas. Some of these will be designed for couples who want to stay local, while other ideas are perfect for those who have the time and funds to travel far and wide.

A Cozy Log Cabin Rental

A perfect romantic getaway for people on a budget is a cabin rental. These are also great vacation ideas for people who do not have weeks to take off from work. There are cabin rental agencies located all around the country. These agencies will have access to all sorts of cabin rentals in your area. There are small fishing cabins located in the remote woods, as well as romantic log cabins that are in the mountains. The wonderful thing about a log cabin rental is that it is perfect for the winter season. You can select a cabin rental that comes with a wood-burning stove.

A Romantic Caribbean Vacation

For couples who have more time on their hands, another romantic vacation idea would be to take a Caribbean cruise. These vacations are going to require more time than a short weekend in most cases, so they are perfect for couples who have a lot of vacation time saved up and who want to take a destination trip. The big upside to taking a Caribbean vacation is that you get to visit somewhere warm and tropical. This can be a big relief for all of those people who are dreading the cold, harsh winter and are longing for an escape.  In most cases, you will have to fly down to meet the cruise ship. These ships depart from coastal cities in many states including New York, Florida, Texas, and California. 

A Short Cruise

If you like the idea of a cruise but are not in possession of enough time to take a long trip to the Caribbean, then you might investigate a short cruise. There are even day cruises that are available in most major cities. These cruises allow you to take a trip on a romantic boat and see the sunset over the water, but they also get you back in time to go to work the next day.